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♛ a damsel in the mist ♛
Voicing it aloud, now I can say I love you~
000. Friends Only 
01 01 20
rin | sunshine smile

Friends only; please comment to be added.

My LiveJournal account is now 100% personal, so my entries are opened to friends only. This journal was previously known as mist_ball but now, it has been renamed after my most favourite region of the Pokémon games - Hoenn. If you know me from somewhere else, please comment to let me know who you are so that I can add you, or if you're interested in being friends; don't worry, I love making new friends! :D If you like reading books (especially young adult novels), watching Disney movies, playing Pokémon games or indulging yourself in the world of web designing and fanlistings, yea that's what I love too. :) ♥

I usually post about my typical university life as a 21-year-old (turning 22 soon! ;w;) pharmacy student, my adored fandoms such as Pokémon, Axis Power Hetalia, Card Captor Sakura, Digimon and about random things my silly brain is thinking about. This journal is the place where I fangirl when excited and rant when frustrated (pardon me >_<"). I also have a writing journal located at crystalorb, which serves as the place where I allow my imagination to roam freely if inspirations to write comes flowing in. xD Well then, thanks for stopping by my little online journal. Have a nice day! ♥

01 07 10 (UTC)
Hello, there! I've been to your sites and I think they're really cool. ^^ But more than that, I noticed that we both like Pokemon, Digimon, and Card Captor Sakura. Plus, you seem like a cute and sweet person. I think we'd get along well. ^-^

If you want to know about me, you can just ask or go to my profile for details. ^^
02 07 10 (UTC)
Hello to you too! <3 Thank you very much for the compliments for my sites. Thank you, sincerely~ ^^ Well in fact, I'm actually quite slacked off these days, being lazy and not updating my sites so frequently. xD; I love Kobato, Shugo Chara, Avatar: The Last Airbender and some other more which I can't think about too. =]

Thanks, I'll be adding you in a jippy! ♥ ^^ Let us get along well and I really wanna tell you that I love your avatar~ I have a Tsubasa wallpaper on my desktop at the moment and Syaoran is just so cool! *_* *hugs tight* Welcome, new friend! <333
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