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♛ a damsel in the mist ♛
Voicing it aloud, now I can say I love you~
000. Friends Only 
01 01 20
rin | sunshine smile

Friends only; please comment to be added.

My LiveJournal account is now 100% personal, so my entries are opened to friends only. This journal was previously known as mist_ball but now, it has been renamed after my most favourite region of the Pokémon games - Hoenn. If you know me from somewhere else, please comment to let me know who you are so that I can add you, or if you're interested in being friends; don't worry, I love making new friends! :D If you like reading books (especially young adult novels), watching Disney movies, playing Pokémon games or indulging yourself in the world of web designing and fanlistings, yea that's what I love too. :) ♥

I usually post about my typical university life as a 21-year-old (turning 22 soon! ;w;) pharmacy student, my adored fandoms such as Pokémon, Axis Power Hetalia, Card Captor Sakura, Digimon and about random things my silly brain is thinking about. This journal is the place where I fangirl when excited and rant when frustrated (pardon me >_<"). I also have a writing journal located at crystalorb, which serves as the place where I allow my imagination to roam freely if inspirations to write comes flowing in. xD Well then, thanks for stopping by my little online journal. Have a nice day! ♥

31 08 10 (UTC)
NYAAAAAA!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!! you should defnitely come and make with me in my comm bwahahha! LOLOL XD

i love it!! thank youu!! :D the character is so cute and so does the character T.T~~~~~~
31 08 10 (UTC)
*uses Tadase icon* xD

Aww, thanks! ♥ Which comm? :3 Maybe I'd consider after my SPM? <333 I rarely make them though, but I know how to, heh~ I need new styles for the boxes though, I hope you can guide me then. ^^

You're absolutely welcome, Shizuka-chan~ :D I love Kiseki so much, he's funny, and he cheers me up whenever I watch him and the other Shugo guardians interacting. <333 Rabu.
31 08 10 (UTC)
*uses kida icon* ROFL.

xD its sevenstairs :D
you don't have to be too active i gues.. only update offers when you're free/feel like it xD
i love your boxes for the one you made me! argh i really do :D its good!

HAHAHA :D i understand! i guess it's the same way when i watch anime i'm really addicted to xD ♥
31 08 10 (UTC)
Hehe~ :3

I see, I just got approved~ That's your blinkie comm, ne? You offer free requests to people? That's really cool, I hope I have the time for it though if I decide to join~ ♥ Well, I will do requests soon, since the holidays are approaching and I have something in mind. 8D Want to be spoiled (with spoilers)?

Thank you for the compliment! o///////o It's actually a very, very basic box, just that I picked the harmonious colours that's all, and used a gradient for the background, so that it matches the pixel~ :3 I hope I get to think up of more ideas in the near future! ♥

Yeah, DRRR! is your current obsession, yes? 8Db It's fun to chase an anime episode by episode, you just can't stop! And and... You just don't mind even if you're alone, haha! *hi fives* ^o^
31 08 10 (UTC)
yeah it is :D! but its gonna be dead soon =.= after i resume my college next week.. nuu T.T/
hai desu! there's ALOT of blinkie comms by other users who offer stuff like that :D some even sell their works etc, there's alot. you have to discover/see it for yourself XD :D ♥ you just make more stuff and offer it to people... of course in return they have to credit you etc~ maa... if there's anything you can ask me wakakaka before i flood this comment xD

what spoilers? :O *is in lalaland*

HAHA I'm just saying the truth :D! i love matching the original pixel too! yay~! ;D yep yeps! what you use to make blinkies anyway? Animation shop? photoshop? :O

YES!!!!!!!! OMFG too much bishis.. wakakkaa xD
but too bad DRRR ends at episode 24... i can't wait for season 2.. don't know when it'll come T_T yeyy!! *shakes butt* i like watching alone ;3
01 09 10 (UTC)
Awww... You're resuming college on my holidays? NUUU! I'll miss you so~ ;___; I want you to stay, you've gotten better in your blinkies too yourself, I kinda got obsessed with your BIG blinkie boxes. >w<;

I already have a blogcrew and icons comm named starsglow so maybe I'd post all my blinkies (or pixels xD) there in the future as they are all made by me. My creations. x3 Oh, may I ask for inspirations? =X I really need them now, if I wanna make more blinkies~ :3 Well, where do your inspiration usually come from?

Hehe, you know the Shugo Chara blinkie I made you? I've save some others more and might open up a request on that, and since you've put me on the loved list, I'd do something for you in return too! <333 You even made me two blinkies (or was it three? =O) long ago, and they're still in my photobucket, yay! ♥ *hugs*

I use Photoshop 7.0 and Image Ready 7.0 Well, my laptop contains this very outdated Adobe software, LOL! Last time when I asked my dad to get me the pirated version of PS CS2 or 3, he just refused. Shoot! =X

*hugs forever* <333
01 09 10 (UTC)
yeah T.T next week... /sobs
HAHA i've posted a bunch of new offers ... you can go request if you want ;3 xD it'll be my last in a while... T.T/

oh LOL. its up to you ;D
you mean blinkies XD
i have a gallery for blinkies in blogspot tho. where i put all my creations there for people to request(only when i open gallery request wakakaka) XD! then i use my own comm to post exclusive offers~ ;D inspiration? O_____________O uh..... *stones into air* eto..... i don't think so... you mean inspiration to make boxes? ROFL.. if it's blinkies itself... well.... idk.. omg XD i color the boxes - the colors i got from the pixel itself using color picker(thats what you do right?) .... /shrugs

i wannnt!
so you wanna make in your own comm? or you wanna make in multiple communities... i make at 8 comms =3=.... so i can post once in a while LOL. you're always welcome to make in mine :B! yay! it's okay! just make when you feel like it. also if you wanna make some for me just use me as an example when you post an offer.... kekekeke.

oh!! i used to use photoshop and image ready 7.0!
but ever since i have my own pc.. i downloaded the original adobe photoshop cs5 and i'm using it now :B they say animation shop is easier... /shrugs

xD sorry too long comment bwahaha!
01 09 10 (UTC)
I'll definitely miss you! *sobs* ;A; Alright, I'll go see~ I hope I find something I like 'cause actually, I'm kinda picky. >w<; Yay for being a virgo~ xD;

*nods* Hehe, yea, I saw it~ It's really cool there, I wanna make a site/or blog too but then... Too much work for a perfectionist to handle! OTL I can be too lazy sometimes so I'll just try to minimize what I do. xP

Yeah, that's what I do~ I mean the patterns, maybe I could like experiment new stuffs or what? Well, sometimes I lack creativity. *cries* However, I will try to learn more as I move on, it will come to me naturally, right? Just like you, go with the flow, and now you're so good in making blinkie boxes and blinkies! <333 *hugs*

Yay, I knew you would want it~ I'll make a whole set for you, and then we'll have the same blinkies, whee! 8Db *hi fives* I'll start at my own comm first since I'm not that good yet, and I can't go too active yet since I have yet to sit for my SPM. =O Wow, 8 comms? I think I rather focus on my own comm and some of my closest friends' comm. *pokes you* ^^ I might expand my offers too in the future, hehe~

CS5! Oh mai gawd, I am so envious of ya! >D Animation shop? Nah ah, never heard of it. /shrugs too

It's okay, meh loves long comments, and loves to post long comments as well. xD;
01 09 10 (UTC)
hehehehe :D can't wait ;3;

T.T i saw some of your webbies~ did you buy a host or something? LOL.
omg you're a perfectionist too?! T_T It's so hard being one.. i give up easily... OTL.. OTL! D:

wahahhaa i got my inspiration from other makers' boxes too :D sometimes you could spend hours making one decent box... argh =3=" you can do it~! just have to practice hehehe :D

weeee! well because maintaining a comm not that easy~ hahaha! you can just go on hiatus if you're not going to be active :O but whatever la xD hahahaa :D
yeah 8 comms... im thinking of quitting 2-3 of them tho. since i won't be.. yeah.. that active anymore until my next break comes

can't wait for your offers :D!
LOLZ if u want i can give you the link to download cs5~! its really original.. the person uploaded everything :D

/wipes sweat
01 09 10 (UTC)
^_^ <3

Well, I didn't buy them, my parents wouldn't allow me to. I've been gifted by nice people around the webbie, just like how someone's paid for your LJ paid account, I'm really thankful to them. :3 I give up easily sometimes too, when I lose the mood, argh! ;A;

Yeah, I spent too much time fixing up my first Shugo Chara blinkie cause it was missing upper parts and lower parts and I had to copy and paste, and replace them! Dx Ouch, they hurt my eyes sometimes. T_T

I wish you the best of luck! <3 Maintaining comms is not an easy job, I know, and since my life is so unpredictable, I might suddenly disappear or just reappear and grow obsessive. >_<; Good luck with your decisions~! :3

Yay! ♥ I can't wait for myself to start blinkie-making again, since I'm kinda tired now~ *_* Woo, I've been online for the whole day! >_<;

Oh, if you're kind enough to, yes please! 8Db However, I don't know if my computer can hold it all, but now, I'm really contented with everything I have. Maybe I should keep it that way, simple and nice~ :3

/stretches ahhhhh
01 09 10 (UTC)
♥ *throws pillows* LOL whut

oh how nice!! i would LOVE to have my own webbie next time :D until i master html and graphics making yay! hehehe :D its so unfortunate becoming a perfectionist T.T.............. but i hate my laziness more, argh =3=

haha lol! its always like that. but you'll get used to it kekekeke XD its really fun making boxes, if it turned out well of course rofl.

thank you~! i'm used to maintaining comms xD if its like, you're on hiatus, just post an entry about it etc. just like that ;D your members will understand XD

wahahaha! it'll be fun~ how long is your holidays? :O!

HERE is the link to download :D but before that join the community first :)!

/stretches and YAWNS loudly
01 09 10 (UTC)
The best of luck in getting your own webbie! Then, we'll affy! 8Db I hope that I can pay for my own domain name (yea, that's what it's called) after my SPM, hopefully my parents will allow it, since I've been web designing for quite some time. Hehe, I haven't improved much though. >_<;

I hate my laziness too, and sometimes, my perfectionism just makes me go crazy. >_<; Rawr. Yeah, I hope that I can get to master the blinkie-making skills soon, I hope it's not as tiring as web designing~ I can help you in html and css, but no Javascript for me, urgh. @_@;

Well well, the thing is that sometimes I'm too lazy to even go online. xD; Or should I say... Too busy and not enough time to use! Hehe! xP Oh, it's 4 - 12 of September. A short one week though, but then it's packed with band camp and other activities! I'm one hyperactive girl at school. >w<; I'm not going anyway though, but I look forward to filling every day with happiness! ^^ ♥

Thanks for the link! <3 But I think I'll keep it this way first since I'm used to the old versions already. :D *bookmarks link*

/hugs pillow and flattens blanket xD
02 09 10 (UTC)
thank you wakakaka! i can't wait. so many things to do. :D of course we'll affies heehee! omgz i'll need an awesome name for my domain!! *SQUEE* LOL. nah im sure your parents will let :\ i mean.. if college's too busy.. you wont have much time to update either T.T

hmmm... blinkies. i guess its different for different people xD obviously hahaha. sure~! i'll help you in blinkies if you need and you help me with html haha i only know a little bit of css :\

haha although its short, but better than nothing 8D im not a hyperactive kid T.T but maa have fun xD! ♥

LOLZ. okay then xD rofl.
/lies down on bed... *_*
04 09 10 (UTC)
Well, I have two names, and I just wanna like take over paying. I feel so bad having people to pay for me, asdfgasdfg because they're being too nice and kind to me. ;A; Yeah, if college life gets hectic, it'd be a waste too. ;O;

Each of us is unique and have different abilities too, hehe~ x) Alright, we'll stand by each other and help one another, woo! 8Db ♥

Yeah, better than nothing. The worst thing is that we hash holidays homewakkkkkkkks. Shit. <_<; Sensei no baka. 9 essays, one each day, gila!!! T__________T /switches off light xD; Ack, where's my right thumb? I can't see it. xP
04 09 10 (UTC)
ohsouka ;D aww! some people are just too nice~! <3 love them xD lol ♥
hahaha yep.

we're all in this together hahaha :D

AWW! homweworks. holiday mood makes us lazier to do it! why T.T!!!!!!!!!!! omg!! 9 essays?! MEMANG GILAR! LOL *jaws dropped and cracked* ouch ಠ______ಠ

eh? what's with your thumb? LOL
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